Winter hiking

Hike from Fuglafjørður to Hellurnar

There are many beautiful hikes at the bygdagøtur between the villages in the Faroe Islands. Hiking during the winter time gives you a different view than if you were hiking in the summer time.

We hiked from Fuglafjørður to Hellur on a winterday in January.  The hike is mostly easy, but there are some parts, where there is a little bit trekking. When we reach the top of the hike, we turned to the east and hiked up to the mountain Rustin and enjoyed the beautiful view, as the local people call this mountain.  From here we had a view of the northern islands Kallsoy and Kunoy. We also saw the highest and second highest mountain in the Faroe Ialsnds. The weather was pretty clear and we enjoyed the view over around 40-50 mountains.

It is so good for body, mind and soul to enjoy the peace and awesome unspoiled nature in the Faroe Islands.

Adding a stone to the cairns when passing them is a Faroese tradition to preserve the cairns.

View over Kallsoy.

View over Kallsoy.