Would you like to try faroese specialities as “Take Away”? This is now possible at FaroeGuide.

We serve a platter with dry whale, dry fish, dry-salted blubber, potatoes, a slice of faroese bread (drýlur) with dried lam (skerpikjøt) and a slice of faroese bread with a kind of sausage made of rolled mutton (rullupylsa).

We prepare and provide most of the food by ourselves.

Pickup address: Mannbrekka 8, FO-188 Hoyvík

Price for a platter 300 DKK. We can also deliver it in the Torshavn area for 200 DKK.

Booking by request at at least 1 day before.  Only available for groups (min. 6 persons or min. 1.800 dkk).

We can also arrange dinners at other dates for groups by request.

Getting there

Address: Durita and Fróði Gregersen, Mannbrekka 8, FO-188 Hoyvík
Citybusses and SSL busses stops at the intersection Mannbrekka/Hvítanesvegur. Free parking is next to the busstops and at Hoyvíkar Skúli, Vegurin Langi 121, Hoyvík.