Would you like to try Faroese food while cooking with locals and learn how to cook it in a Faroese home?

Get a fascinating experience by learning about the Faroese cuisine and get a hands-on experience by making the food in a cosy atmosphere.

During the cooking class, you will learn how to prepare fermented (ræst) fish, or whale meat, dry fish, whale, fermented lamb (skerpikjøt), bake unleavened bread and a rhubarb dessert.

We open our home for guests who would like to try to make Faroese food, learn about food traditions, and enjoy the food with others who sign-up for the event. We start making the food at 4 pm and enjoy it 2-3 hours later in our home with a stunning view of the ocean.

Price: 900 DKK per person.

This is only for groups: Minimum 8 persons or min. 5.000 DKK.
Event starts at 4 pm.
Deadline for booking is at 4 pm the day before.
Cooking with locals can be arranged by request.


You can book here or send an email to or call tel: +298 266833

We can also arrange dinners by request and serve other menues.

Getting there

Address: Durita and Fróði Gregersen, Mannbrekka 8, FO-188 Hoyvík

Citybusses and SSL busses stops at the beginning/bottom of Mannbrekka. Free parking is next to the busstops and at Hoyvíkar Skúli.